The Motivation to Pursue Our Passionate Work!


Best, the Business Development Manager at ESRI Thailand, isn’t just dedicated to work alone. He’s deeply committed to participating in social activities as well. Today, Bass will share insights into Community Engagement, highlighting its significance for enhancing everyone’s quality of life. This aligns with one of CDG’s core values, inspiring individuals to pursue life goals, serving as the driving force behind his passion for waking up every day to do what he loves.

“Throughout my 10-year journey at CDG, I’ve been fortunate to tackle challenging projects alongside a supportive team and leadership. We speak the same language here, whether it’s about work or leisure. Additionally, I take pride in our involvement in various social assistance activities, contributing to the betterment of many lives.”

Best’s journey into GIS began during his geography studies, where he was introduced to ArcGIS software. Fascinated by its capabilities, he sought out ESRI, a part of the CDG Group, to pursue his passion. The collaborative environment at CDG, akin to a small university, fosters continuous learning and knowledge sharing among colleagues, making work both fulfilling and enjoyable.

“Working on projects that pioneer new products can be daunting, but overcoming these challenges alongside my team brings immense pride and benefits to society.”

Outside of work, Best’s passion for community engagement dates back to his university days, where he served as the president of the conservation club. Through various social activities, such as teaching, art, and recreational outings, he aimed to spread happiness and contribute positively to society.

“Participating in social activities not only benefits society but also serves as a source of inspiration, driving me to wake up every day with renewed energy and purpose.”

For those interested in discussing work experiences or joining social activities, feel free to connect with Best at the CDG House.


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