Be Trustworthy & Professional: Achieving Results and Building Trust.


Meet Miew, a Marketing Specialist at ESRI Thailand, a company within the CDG Group. Mew is well-known among CDG colleagues as an active and dedicated professional. Starting her career journey with ESRI Thailand, Mew found her passion for technology and marketing, making CDG her cherished workplace.

Reflecting on her experience, Mew describes CDG as a well-organized and welcoming environment where colleagues support each other and strive for excellence in their respective roles. Mew’s primary focus is on supporting ESRI’s marketing initiatives, particularly in building brand awareness and promoting ArcGIS software and related solutions, for which ESRI Thailand holds exclusive distribution rights.

Working at CDG offers a blend of enjoyment and professional growth opportunities. The company fosters employee engagement through various activities like Staff Parties and Sport Days, alongside providing welfare benefits that cater to employees’ needs.

One standout event for Mew is the Thailand User Conference (TUC), an annual showcase of GIS technology’s potential organized by ESRI Thailand. Mew takes pride in being part of a team that consistently delivers successful events and garners positive feedback from customers.

Miew emphasizes the importance of trustworthiness and professionalism in the workplace, citing her early experience in conducting marketing surveys as a pivotal learning opportunity. Through dedication and responsibility, Mew gained trust and confidence from colleagues and superiors alike.

Maintaining high work standards and professional integrity is paramount for Mew. She approaches every task with dedication, aiming for excellence and proactive problem-solving. Mew’s professionalism and commitment have earned her the trust and respect of her colleagues, establishing her as a reliable team member within the organization.

For those seeking insights on building trust and professionalism, Miew welcomes discussions at CDG House.


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