Never Give Up: The Secret Recipe for Success… Reach the Finish Line by Refusing to Surrender

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Gun is more than just a creative marketer from Gen Y; he’s also a dedicated triathlete who applies the lessons learned from sports to continuously improve himself. In this article, Gunn shares his story of never giving up, a value deeply ingrained in CDG’s principles. Despite facing obstacles, he emphasizes that reaching our goals is possible as long as we remain steadfast.

Before joining the CDG Group, Gunn worked as a sales representative at a construction material manufacturing and distribution company. However, driven by his passion for sports and interest in Health & Technology, particularly Smart Watches, he decided to join GIS, a company within the CDG Group. Here, he has showcased his capabilities by achieving feats he once deemed impossible.

“At the onset of my new role, I was tasked with orchestrating an event that demanded bringing athletes and numerous partners together within a challenging timeframe. Initially, I questioned my abilities, but I reminded myself not to shy away from challenges. I saw this as an opportunity to hone my skills, foster connections, and quickly integrate into the office dynamics, ultimately nurturing enduring working relationships. Leveraging my expertise in management, coordination, and problem-solving, the event culminated in a resounding success.”

Passion doesn’t just reside in one’s personal life

Passion seamlessly merges with work. Personally dedicated to fitness, particularly running, Gunn has participated in various running events and possesses extensive knowledge of sports equipment, including Garmin Smart Watches. This fervor translated into his work at GIS, especially when undertaking marketing responsibilities for Health Tech products. Collaborating with dealers, partners, and clients felt like engaging with kindred spirits, harmoniously blending work and life.

CDG Core Values permeate every facet of work.

These values, Gunn believes, are intrinsic to everyone’s efforts. Starting with being Driven, the team continuously pushes forward, setting collective goals and striving toward them. Optimism fuels innovation, inspiring new ideas and a positive outlook even amidst challenges. Persistence instills the resolve to overcome hurdles, regardless of their complexity. Lastly, Empathy fosters understanding and openness, facilitating seamless collaboration beyond the workplace.

“Never Give Up” isn’t just a motto but a way of life for Gunn.

He relishes in triathlon competitions, combining running, swimming, and cycling to challenge himself. Despite a setback from an ankle injury that sidelined him from competing for a year, Gunn never wavered in his determination. He saw the injury as a temporary setback, maintaining his passion and commitment to his craft. Focused on recovery, he returned to training and eventually resumed competing.

When asked about the benefits of exercise on cognitive function and work performance, Gunn believes it instills discipline, goal-setting, and time management. These lessons are invaluable in personal development, enabling individuals to strive toward their objectives relentlessly. Even starting from ground zero, perseverance ensures eventual success, surpassing initial expectations.

Beyond his professional and athletic pursuits, Gunn also contributes to a community of running enthusiasts at a local coffee shop. Together with his coach, they impart knowledge, train individuals in proper running techniques, and advocate for better health practices.


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