Success is achievable when you engage with empathy and attentive listening. Avoiding hasty judgments will allow understanding that guide your actions.


Moss, a skilled programmer at CDG Group, brings a unique approach to thinking and working. He focuses on designing and analyzing systems to meet customer needs, benefiting from diverse project experiences. Supervising IT is both enjoyable and challenging, fostering skill development across various areas and encouraging continuous improvement.

At CDGS, Moss appreciates the supportive IT leadership that acknowledges challenges and opportunities. CDGS is commendable for its commitment to societal impact through innovative IT solutions. Moreover, the CDG Group promotes work-life balance, offering perks like Hybrid Work and celebrating occasions like Sport Day and birthdays, contributing to a positive work environment.

Effective communication and active listening are fundamental to success at the CDG Group. Moss highlights the importance of clear responsibilities and efficient teamwork. Understanding the customer’s requirements and maintaining consistent communication within the team are essential for project success. Moss emphasizes the value of listening attentively to different perspectives, fostering collaboration and generating new ideas.

Moss’s open-mindedness and commitment to CDG’s Core Values make him a trusted resource within the team. He prioritizes understanding over imposing ideas, fostering an environment where everyone’s input is valued. By embracing the principle of active listening, Moss encourages others to communicate openly and resolve challenges effectively.

In both professional and personal contexts, Moss advocates for empathy and understanding. He believes in considering multiple perspectives and avoiding judgment, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. By embodying the principle of active listening, Moss contributes to a culture of mutual respect and continuous improvement at CDG Group.


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