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Aom, a young female programmer from Burapha University’s Faculty of Information Science, began her journey with CDG as an intern and later transitioned to the role of Network Engineer. Recently, Aom moved into the position of System Engineer. Throughout her tenure at CDG, Aom has appreciated the opportunities for hands-on learning and professional growth provided by the company.

Reflecting on her experience, Aom expressed admiration for her supportive and friendly colleagues at CDG. She highlighted the collaborative nature of the team, where individuals readily offer assistance and guidance to one another. Aom actively participates in company activities, such as filming the CAN DO GREAT TOGETHER video campaign, joining in as a cheerleader for Sport Day, and participating in Halloween festivities. She believes that these activities contribute to a well-rounded life outside of work and foster stronger relationships among colleagues.

Despite encountering challenges in her work, Aom remains resilient and determined. She recalls instances where she initially doubted her abilities but persevered through open-mindedness and determination, ultimately succeeding in her tasks. Aom takes pride in overcoming obstacles, such as improving the log-in method for Office 365, which required extensive research and collaboration with internal teams.

Aom embodies CDG’s core values, particularly the principle of Service with Heart. She approaches her work with empathy and dedication, always striving to address the needs of her colleagues and users. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Aom extends this ethos of service to her daily life, finding joy in helping others in even the smallest ways.

Believing in the power of positive energy, Aom emphasizes the importance of spreading kindness and goodwill. She envisions a world where individuals support each other selflessly, fostering mutual respect and compassion.

For those seeking advice or wishing to share positivity with Aom, she welcomes conversations at the CDG House building.


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